The Maasai diet

Meat and milk are the best foods in a Maasai homestead. I had just visited the Lion Guardians and I was invited to have a meal with them; ground maize flour (Unga/Ugali) and more than six gourds of milk, approximately 10 litres. As usual our host wife left the room to go and sit outside until we had finished. In Maasai culture wives are not supposed to watch the murrans eat, otherwise she believes one of her favorite cows will be taken away. This tradition only lasts until elders officially allow you to have oily foods and eat infront of women. The meal was palatable, but the murrans mocked me for not being able to drink more than three litres of milk!

As if that was not enough, we are served with deep fried meat that is hidden somewhere for the wife not to see, this is also part of the tradition. I could not take any more!!!

Back at camp I was met by Maria with a beautiful and sweet scented pizza – irresistible! That was the end of the day and night fall has come back to camp.

Here is the amazing pizza…..
and here is Maria with the pizza.
I started looking at the blog and waauh, beautiful comments. I am not alone with my terrible weather, at least mine is better than Theresa who has the hottest weather and the only animal around her is an alligator!! And also better than Fiona with her cold weather. Francis gave me a brilliant idea by sending us a link to some Maasai murrans from Tanzania who went for a marathon in London to raise funds for a water project. Well, maybe we could do that for Lion Guardians? What do you think?


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