Tracking down lions

We are still training up the new Lion Guardian Solonka, to make sure he is proficient in all the different skills he needs. Although most Maasai murrans are very used to identifying the tracks of different animals, we need to make sure that new Lion Guardians are able to give us accurate and detailed information about the tracks that they see. It is not all that common for them to actually see the lions, as they are always on foot, so it is really important that any information we get about them from their tracks is accurate.


By looking at tracks they try to find out what the animals were, which direction they were going in, how many there were, when they were there, whether there were any young, and perhaps even the sex and approximate age of animals.


Here are Lion Guardians Lenkina and Koikai talking to new Lion Guardian Solonka about tracking, and asking him to identify some tracks that he finds.

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  • PaulaB says:

    Thanks for this fascinating insight into how you do your work, Antony, and good luck to Solonka with his training.

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