We find the missing lion!

Sikiria is an interesting lion. He has the kind of collar which means that once we find him, we can download all the GPS details of where he has been, without having to do more than press a few buttons! It sounds easy! BUT Sikiria loves to roam far and wide, and we haven’t been able to find him for a long time.


All the Lion Guardians have been told to make sure they search for him in their zones but it has been no use at all. Until yesterday! Lion Guardian Mokoi phoned camp early in the morning to say that finally he had picked up Sikiria’s signal! We were thrilled! We drove for hours to get to Mokoi’s boma (where he greeted us with a sweet cup of chai), and then headed on to where he had picked up the signal from, which happened to be from the roof of someone’s house!


We could still hear the signal, but it was very distant. We had a lot of tracking and driving to do before Sikiria’s collar ‘went to sleep’ at 7pm! The race was on! We drove towards the direction of the signal, stopping to climb high up to track him again.


After a few more hours we were getting closer, and the signal was becoming stronger. But time was running out! Would we get close enough to download the collar before it stopped transmitting? Finally we tried to download it again, and luckily for us we were successful! We got back to camp late last night after a very long journey. Now we can’t wait to find out where he has been from the collar data, and we will let you know as soon as we find out!


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