Lion Guardians find lions and injured zebra

As we try to establish the details of the lions residing in Southern Olguluui we were fortunate enough to see one of the largest prides in Southern Olgulului, comprising 3 females and 9 cubs. We found them in a grassy area looking visibly hungry. The cubs are almost one year old and portraying the playful natural traits that comes with their age.


Several of our new Lion Guardians have been reporting this pride and we therefore had a lot of joy and excitement when we found them resting in a small grassy thicket. One of the females was keeping a small distance from the cubs, probably intending to hunt for them.


Having left them, within a hundred metres we found a female impala that had just had her calf. The impala was showing all the maternal instincts of a new mother, and was trying to detect any threat to the new born calf, oblivious of the proximity of the danger that comes with hungry lions barely 100 metres away!


One of our Lion Guardians Parkepu had found the tracks of these lions trying to kill a zebra earlier on that day on her own. She didn’t manage to kill it, but the zebra escaped with injuries. We followed the zebra tracks and blood until we found it on its own, the injuries probably beginning to take its toll. Clearly from the look of things this zebra will be a meal for some carnivores later in the day, though we don’t know whether this lion pride will be the beneficiaries or whether some others will take their luck…


We will make sure we keep a close eye on this pride, and try to ensure they keep safe by sticking to wild prey, and not livestock as their source of food.


  • sauwah says:

    What a beautiful family photo for the lion pride! so many hungry mouths to feed. the impala mom and her baby sure were very lucky indeed. as for the zebra, she/he looked pretty bad ( wound ). mouths and claws of felines do carry many germs that can weaken any one. i know for i had many cat bits ( shelter cats ). i do hope this big family will be benefited by this unfortunate zebra. cat bits are nasty; but none more nasty than human bits. we have more germs in our mouths than any warm blooded animals.

  • Pirjo says:

    Such beautiful cubs and so many of them! Hope the zebra doesn’t have to suffer for too long..
    It looks very dry in the Amboseli region? Haven’t you had any rain yet?

  • emma says:

    looking at the zebbie, im thinking he will survive, i watch the djuma live cam and i have seen far far worse injuries on a buff and zeb, everybody thought they would die from the infections 🙁 but the guides found them live and very much healthy 🙂 so with any luck he will survive…… ( hopefully ) lol

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