It was a dream come true when I was accepted into the University of Oxford. It has been my goal to continue with my education since I finished High School in 2003, but little did I know that I could end up at one of the world’s best universities!


The Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice is a new course from Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), which will improve my skills in lion conservation and running the Lion Guardians program and teach me all about conservation research. I am so excited that I will be able to bring these skills back to Maasailand!

The course lasts for 7 months and starts at the end of April, so I have not got long to prepare myself for visiting a very different and much colder country! I also do not have long to train my successor, who I will introduce to you soon. He will keep you posted with Lion Guardians news and stories, and I will keep you updated on my studies and what is happening in Oxford when I am there.


I hope you are excited about this too! I hope it will really benefit the lions and the Lion Guardians, as well as me, my family and my community.

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  • Kevin Donahue

    Congratulations, Antony! Please be sure to post updates once you’re at Oxford!

  • sauwah

    congratulations to you, your family and your lions! wow! oxford! you must be one really really smart and educated man! i heard it’s cold there and rain often! do you have the correct clothing for your stay there? do you have any friend and family member? life can be really hard on a person without a friend or loved one. but i am sure you can deal with it at ease. you are a warrior after all.

    when are you leaving for oxford ?

  • Sylvia

    Congratulations, Antony! I look forward to meeting your successor and hearing about your experiences at Oxford.

  • Sherri S.

    Congratulations! What an amazing achievement. You’re still going to read this blog and make comments, aren’t you? That way, we can all stay informed on your achievements. I bet you’ve met a number of Brits through this blog that would be glad to show you around your new home.

  • Timi

    Vow, congrats! With all that uplifting enthusiasm and energy, I’m sure you will do fine, although there will be lots of work ahead. The blog won’t be the same without you, that’s for sure. We’ll miss you dearly.

  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona

    Antony – Your smile tells it all. How very cool, Oxford! How did this all come about? Do you have a place to stay? Please let us know all the details once you get settled over there.

    Looking forward to hearing from your Successor on this blog.

  • Francis

    Congratulations, Antony. Good Luck to you and all the best. Your family,friends and community must be very proud of you.

  • Sonja

    Congratulations, Antony; you deserve it. 😉

  • AriAd

    wOa!!! so interesting!!! congratulation!! Good luck to you!!

  • Hashi Hanta

    Fantastic! Congratulations!!! Please do stay in touch, so we will know how you are doing. I know you will have a wonderful experience, but please don’t love the U.S.A. too much — the lions really need you!! Will you have an address where we can send you little things from time to time?
    This is so exciting!!! Wish you were going to school in Arizona — we could take you out to dinner, and you could come out to our reservation to see how our tribe lives. I know it is a huge step and a very different style of living. If you like, I would be happy to send you my phone number, so that if you need anything while in the USA, you would have someone to call, even though I’m not near Oxford.

    Have a wonderful time!!!


  • lionguardians

    Thank you all for your good comments. I have been busy applying for my visa.

    Kevin: I will be posting on a weekly bases on my stay in England and I will be in contact.

    Dana: I have a place to stay the whole time until the end of the course.

  • Hashi Hanta

    A follow-up on my great blunder! You are going to England!! Somehow, I thought you were coming to the USA! Good grief!! Shows you how secluded I am out here on the reservation. I hope you have a great time in England! Stay warm and have a wonderful time!!!

  • Samuel Lenkai Ntiati

    congratulations Antony,you have served the lion guardians well and kept the the hot with interesting stories.I do wish you prosperity and luck in Oxford.We’ll miss you.Keep us posted.

    Have a wonderful time there brother!

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