I received good news that Guardian Olubi has helped find over 100 shoats that were lost on Friday evening. ‘Shoat’ is an abbreviation for combined herds of sheep and goats or what some people refer to as small stock.

The owner is one of the luckiest persons on earth because none of his shoats were killed! The shoats were recovered between the road to Oltiasika and Nonkiyiaa on Saturday in the afternoon. This area where the animals were found is known to be hyena territory and sometimes a hiding place for lions. It always amazes me that a livestock herder and owner can ‘lose’ over 100 head of livestock.

On other news, a few months ago I was interviewed by Ross from Safaritalk. He asked me about the Lion Guardian program and about WildlifeDirect. I knew all the answers about the LG program, but Dipesh from WildlifeDirect helped me answer the questions about WD. Thanks, Dipesh! The interview is now online; you can read it here

Hope you all like it! Let me know what you think…..

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    How does anyone lose over one hundred animals! I agree, it’s a miracle they all survived. Great interview Antony, you represented the Guardian’s well.

  • Dipesh Pabari

    Yes, great interview. And great to talk to you in detail after the poison meeting Anthony. It is such as honour to meet up with our bloggers in person!

  • lionguardians

    These shoats were being herd by a young herder,who is a school boy and had little knowledge of herding in thick bushes.
    Thanks Dipesh for your support and comment, we really had a great time.

  • Class 3 from Westbury House School in England

    This isn’t about the interview, but I want to know if there are more male lions than female lions?

  • Antony

    Hi Class 3. There are usually about two female lions to one male lion, so more females than males, not the other way around! Thanks for your support.

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