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I have recently come back to camp after a few days at home, away from the office. It was great to be home – I really enjoyed spending some time with my mum and sisters and one of my brothers. Here is a photo of me with my mum and one of my young sisters.


During my break from work I also had a chance to visit the National Museum in Nairobi and have a look at their gallery with some of my friends. The information about the ancestry of man was very interesting, and I learnt a lot about the origins of humans and the discoveries that were made in Kenya. Sorry about the flash reflecting off the glass!


I also helped my mum at her small vegetable garden and she was really happy to have me around. My sister was also on holiday from school for two weeks; my mum was a happy person having all of us at home. It is not common to have the whole family around at the same time together. I was sad to leave my family, but I am also glad to be back working for the lions and the community.

We don’t have any more news from Ritei about the attack on cattle at the moment. I will let you update you when I hear from him.


  • Lisa, Seattle says:

    You have a beautiful family Antony. It’s nice that you had the opportunity to spend time with them. Your Mom must be very proud of you.

  • Sonja says:

    I’m glad you were able to visit your mother and your sister (especially while she was on a school break) and spend some time browsing the museum. Cheers!

  • TheTeach, Seattle says:

    Antony, thank you for sharing so much of your daily world with us. Your enthusiasm for your work, and life in general, is a welcome breath of fresh air, which you avidly share with the entire global community through this blog. School will soon open and I shall endeavor to tell some of your story to the students. Real life stories of African savannah, Kenya, Maasai, and, of course, lions and their guardians! Best Wishes

  • It is great that you are interested in our lives and the work we are doing, and that you will tell our story to your pupils at school. I hope they will be interested and will help support our work too. Thanks!

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