Join Us and Celebrate World Lion Day with Pride

According to the National Geographic there may actually be more lion statues and images in the world than actual wild lions in Africa today. Indeed, the world is losing one of its greatest predators at an unprecedented rate and they need your help to raise awareness of their plight.

August 10th has been decreed World Lion Day (Saving the King of Beasts to Save Ourselves).  And to honor this special day our Guardians will meet with their communities to share stories about their lions, discuss peaceful co-existence, and their seminal role as a Lion Guardian in conserving lions and preserving cultures. The short discussion will be followed by a showing of the Lion Guardians’ educational film.

Please consider joining the Guardians in promoting the message of peaceful coexistence and raising awareness about the plight of lions in Africa. Here are a few suggestions on how you could get involved:

  • Host your own community film showing – gather friends and family to watch the Lion Guardians’ educational film. You can use the online version here.
  • Share the film over social media – send it to your friends on email, post it on Facebook, Tweet about it!
  • Contribute to the discussion – Our Guardians are sharing their thoughts about the program and what it means to be a Lion Guardian, now it’s your turn. Share stories, pictures and comments on Facebook.
  • Throw a roaring party in honor of lions and Lion Guardians. The World Lion Day website has a number of fun ideas to commemorate the occasion.

Join us & Celebrate World Lion Day with Pride!


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