Kapande gets a sponsor!

We would like to say a big thank you to blog reader and supporter Kate who is now sponsoring Lion Guardian Kapande from Mbirikani Group Ranch. Kapande has been working for the Lion Guardians project since 2007 and has been a great asset to the project over the years.


When he was first hired his reading and writing were poor. But he worked very hard, and is now extremely capable at filling in all his forms. In fact he even won the award for the Most Improved Lion Guardian at the Games and Awards Ceremony!


He has been monitoing the lioness Nemasi and her 2 cubs, and lions Kesayou, Lormanie and many more, and diligently helping his community to protect their livestock from lions for 3 years. We are extremely pleased he now has a sponsor – thank you Kate!


If you, or anyone you know would like to sponsor a Lion Guardian please click on the ‘DONATE’ link at the top right of this page and make a donation to the Lion Guardians through Panthera. You can either make a monthly donation of $95, or you can make a lump sum donation. This will go towards the Lion Guardians’ salaries, equipment, and everything needed to keep the project running. All donations made through Panthera are tax deductible.

Thank you to Kate and all our fantastic supporters.


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