Little lion cubs and a wandering lioness!

As we told you last week, we finally found our collared female lion Selenkay in Amboseli National Park. She had been wandering far and wide, around Amboseli and the surrounding communally owned Maasai land with 2 other females.

On Saturday we received a call from Lion Guardian Mokoi to tell us he had been following the tracks of 2 female lions on Mbirikani Group Ranch, not far from Mbirikani town, so we rushed over to meet him and find out who these lions were. We tracked from the top of a nearby hill, and found that it was Selenkay, who had come over from Amboseli with one other female!


Here is Selenkay’s beautiful friend.


We have asked Mokoi and Olubi, the Lion Guardians that work in the area closest to Selenkay’s latest position to keep a close eye on their movements, and to make sure that all the herders in the area know that they are close, so that they can keep their livestock in a different area.

The other members of the Tara pride are still located on our neighbouring ranch Eselenkei, where the new Lion Guardians are taking great pleasure in keeping track of this fantastic group of lions. Collared female Nosieki has 2 small cubs, and the other pride lioness Nasieku has 3 cubs. Here is Nosieki with one of her small cubs.


And here is one of Nasieku’s cubs, a few months older than Nosieki’s.


The cubs have great fun playing together, and with the male of the pride. The lions in Eselenkei and Mbirikani seem to be doing very well at the moment, probably because of the availability of weak prey, due to the drought. The Guardians are doing a brilliant job of monitoring their movements and reducing any possible conflicts between the local people and the carnivores.


  • sauwah says:

    thank you for these wonderful pictures. these cubs are cute. both are also funny looking. good luck to them and their moms. and keep up the good work warriors.

  • Anne C says:

    Question: How far away generally is the photographer for pictures like these? Are the lions aware you are there?

    Thanks for the pictures!

  • Pauline says:

    What lovely pictures. Beautiful lions, but we can see how dry the ground is.

  • We’re glad you like the photos! The photographer was about 10 to 12 metres away from these lions. They were certainly aware of the car, but were not at all worried by it. These lions seem to be a lot braver than most of the lions on the ranch, who are very nervous and skittish, and do not usually hang around long enough for us to get a good view of them, let alone a good photo!

  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    Thank you for sending these pictures. The babies are absolutely adorable! I’m praying that rain will come soon and make their lives a little bit easier. Thank you so much for protecting these wonderful creatures! Please keep up the great work you are doing.

  • Kelly says:

    Im doing a report on lions and i was wondering
    how did lions become of our world?
    please answer
    thank u

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