Lomunyak’s expansion dream

A few days ago, one of our Lion Guardians in Eselenkei was out on his lion monitoring duties when he saw the tracks of some lions. After following them a few meters, he found their kill; 2 zebras and a lesser kudu. He called Lion Guardians HQ immediately and we responded in no time. After following the tracks we found 3 female lionesses 2 of which are collared Selenkay and Narika. They were with Elikan, an un-collared lioness, and were all lying under a tree, oblivious of the new visitors. Here is Elikan.


I insisted that their tracks revealed 4 lions, rather than just 3, one of which must be a big male. We then conducted some ground tracking and after following his tracks for a few kilometers, we found the male lion. A closer look revealed his unmistakable identity – it was Lomunyak. The beautiful male lion from Eselenkei Group Ranch was probably up to something none of us knew, but he kept the secret to himself and kept a great distance between himself and the females, thinking really hard. He was probably deciding his schedule for the next few weeks before the rain comes. Respecting his decision-making process, we headed back to camp for our Lion Guardian meeting.


Tracking using telemetry equipment a few days later, we headed towards the direction of the signal and found Lomunyak with Selenkay doing some serious business! With snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background, truth be told, Lomunyak is clearly a beauty to behold.


Another visit a few days later and we found him again seriously mating with another lioness, Elikan!


Lomunyak seems to have a great vision of the Tara pride Empire. He has carved up a territory spreading across three Group Ranches bordering Amboseli National Park. No other male lion seems willing to risk coming into this territory or else! With a pride comprising five cubs and five females to boot, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to see Lomunyak’s expansionist dream, given the right conditions. It’s these right conditions that the Lion Guardians team is trying to facilitate. We went back to camp strongly convinced that Lomunyak’s schedule before the onset of the rains will yield good results in the future.


  • sauwah says:

    he is the king and you are right about his dream of expanding his empire! but again he is all alone with no other male buddy or buddies to protect and defend his queens, off springs and kingdom! so he better be very strong and very lucky. and good job tracking him and the girls down. enough wind, let’s bring on the rain!

  • Sonja says:

    Gosh, that’s one absolutely gorgeous lion! And Elikan is beautiful!

    I agree with Sauwah. No matter how big and strong he is, do you think he’ll have trouble holding on without a coalition? We shall see…

    PS: How do you guys learn tracking? Is it something you have to teach the Guardians, or do they usually know it? How do they learn it?

  • Anna M says:

    A magnificent lion in his prime, he will need some back up at some point especially if his family continues to grow but for now I think he carry on with his expansions plans ! Keep us posted on his and his kingdoms progress.. Thank you for such lovely pictures…

  • Deni M. says:

    An amazing lion.This is wonderful!The lion king:)I’m sure he will do just fine. please tell us more about his evolution and thank you for the pictures.

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