Meet another lion saver – Metito!

In Maasai moran Metito’s community a lion jumped into a boma at night and killed a cow and a donkey. The lion was speared by angry morans, but escaped with a serious injury and could not go far from the boma. The following morning the morans from the boma wanted to finish off from where they left at night. But not Metito. Even though he was not yet employed as a Lion Guardian, he told the morans not to kill the lion and instead informed KWS to come over and assess its injuries and treat it if possible.


This was a complete turn around for a traditional Maasai moran, reputed in his zone for his previous exploits against lions. From then on, Metito has been on our minds as a possible Lion Guardian, after strongly impressing our team during the onset of the project’s expansion.


Ever since we took him on he has been very impressive with his performance as a Lion Guardian. Even though he has never been to school, his willingness and thirst to learn has been clearly visible. He now knows how to read and write on his data forms. He actually beat his literate brother to the job in a very tight race for employment. Already he has familiarised himself with the different prides of lions that are frequently in his Esiteti zone. Welcome Metito and thank you for saving one lion already!


  • Nataly says:

    Thank you for saving lions, Metito!!! You are the true hero for me and many other people of the world!! Good luck with your work and saving many more wild animals!! Nataly


    Welcome indeed – this kind of work is priceless and is increasinly becoming the only thing that can stand in the way of total extinction of Lions in Kenya, something that is too devastating to even contemplate at every level!!

  • Mary says:

    Welcome and keep moving forward with positivity! Out of something negative came something positive and now there is a another beautiful Lion Guardian!

  • Pirjo says:

    Welcome Metito and may you spread the word of why it’s vital to save lions from going extinct.

    Humans and wildlife can coexist and as a Lion Guardian you are in the frontline of passing this message to people.

  • sauwah says:

    He is our hero! and what did happen to that lion? Was he/she treated and was returned back to the wild?

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