Meet Lion Guardian Lenkina

Lenkina is a great guy. He gets along really well with all the Lion Guardians and camp staff alike. He has one of those radiant and easy-going personalities which mean that he fits in anywhere and with everyone regardless of the situation.


He has a “spark plug” effect on his fellow Lion Guardians and members of his community – things never get low with him around. Like that vital element in an engine, he keeps things around him ticking along in a good natured and relaxed way. This is why he gets on so well with his community, and they listen to his advice about how to live with carnivores.


He is always helping his community out, for example helping make their bomas preadator-proof.


He also spends time teaching new Lion Guardian volunteers. Here he helps Solonka to learn how to use the GPS.

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Lenkina has participated in many lion hunts, but he was never the first person to spear a lion (which holds a particular status in Maasai culture). He is married to one wife and has one child.

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  • Moipaai says:

    I have known Lenkina for long,he was my classmate in lower primary before harsh dropping out of school. He was such a nice friend to me. good work ero lenkina

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