Jackson represents the conflict prone Imarba zone which has experienced several lion killing incidents in the past. This zone lies on the Southern border with Tanzania and apart from lion killing, poaching activities have also been reported, where different wildlife species have been snared and slaughtered on a large scale. In fact just last week Jackson reported to us that a giraffe had been snared and slaughtered and the meat transported by donkeys to Tanzania by 5 poachers.


A typical traditional Maasai moran, Jackson is a reputable tracker who knows all the lion corridors in his zone. Already he has tracked a lioness and her 2 small cubs, and found their zebra kill.


Being magnanimous and generous at heart, he comes from a family blessed with leadership qualities as exemplified by the fact that his elder brother is the chief of the senior morans. Jackson is a very welcome addition to the Lion Guardians team.

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  • sauwah

    Congratulations to this new and wonderful new lion guardian Jackson. From what you have stated, all wild animals are better off now with his guardian. and good luck to him.

  • Pirjo

    Jackson, welcome to the already quite large family of the Lion Guardians!Wish you all the best in your new job. Lions need people like you to defend them and at the same time lions bring new sources of income to the area. Everybody wins in this project!

  • Jimmy

    Welcome to the pride Jackson;)

  • Kritine von Denffer

    Jackson, as I look at you I can see a strong, self-confident, lion-hearted Maasai warrior. Congratulations and may the Force be with you when protecting the lions!

  • Hashi-Hanta

    Welcome, Jackson! I know that your knowledge and skills will greatly help the lions. Thank you for coming on board. I look forward to hearing about your experiences as a Guardian.

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