Introducing our new Lion Guardians!

Now that the expansion to Southern Olgulului is complete, we thought we should introduce you to the fine young men who will be protecting the lions of this area and reducing conflict between people and predators. One of the most useful additions to the Lion Guardians team is Maen Koole. He represents the Ngararampuni zone which is practically situated close to the border with neighbouring Tanzania. Being semi-literate he has already proven to be good in filling in data forms. In fact, one would think he has been a Lion Guardian for years, yet he is only two months into the job!


Already, due to his wisdom and honesty, we have trained him in tracking collared lions using radio telemetry and issued him with a set of telemetry equipment, and he has thrown himself into monitoring the lions in his area. He is a respected moran both in Kenya and Tanzania and he has been able to give us vital information about what goes on across the border, getting this information freely from fellow morans in Tanzania. He was the first person that informed us of a recent lion killing incident in Tanzania, and has been updating us on a regular basis.


Maen has a very likeable character and is an easy person to get along with. To crown it all, he knows the lion hide-outs in his zone like the back of his hand. He will clearly emerge as one of the leaders of the Lion Guardians owing to his great oratory skills. Welcome to the Lion Guardians team Maen!


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