Nemasi’s first cow

It was a bright afternoon when we decided to follow up on a Lion Guardian’s report about Nemasi’s signal. After going through a very hard and stony area along the foot of Lemuna hill, and with the signal very clear, we saw a carcass of in the distance. At first, we thought it was an eland but as we got closer it was clear that it was a cow.

Eric with the dead cow
Eric checking for the brand and ear notches
Nemasi's first livestock kill

We were surprised because to the best of our knowledge Nemasi has never killed any livestock. In fact, this was her first! We found Lesoit, the male cub, guarding the carcass. He seemed to have been assigned that role with clear instructions not to allow any intruder anywhere near the carcass. It is a role he played admirably and with gusto! In fact, when we went to ascertain the brand, ear notches and sex of the cow, he practically charged us! He seems to have learned his role quickly given the fact that he is barely a year now.We found Nemasi and her two female cubs resting under a tree taking refuge from the hot sun.

Lesoit was not happy that "intruders" were near his meal

On our way to the bomas nearby, to give the report of the dead cow, we found a male and female cheetah that seemed to be doing ‘reproductive work’. These two cheetahs seemed to have been the only witnesses to the kill, as the herders were clearly nowhere to be seen. The two were so vigil over the presence of lions nearby that they couldn’t have cared less when we approached them closely.

These two cheetah were found near the kill


  • Pirjo says:

    Why was this cow found in such a remote place? Had it wandered off on it’s own? Will the owner ger compensation for the loss of his cow, or how you are going to solve this without Nemasi getting “marked” as a livestock killer? Lots of questions, but I’m a bit worried 🙁

  • Dana says:

    I too am worried about this same as Pirjo. Please keep us posted.

  • Jimmy says:

    Hope this gets sorted – maybe the Lions should have given a fright with crackers and the cow buried before anyone finds out??

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