I was heading to a meeting in Nairobi early today and there was so much traffic on the road. The meeting was supposed to start around 9:30am and I had been travelling the whole night to try and make it there on time. But in Nairobi travelling less than 2 kilometres was a nightmare. After driving for 30 minutes we were stopped by a policeman, he ordered us out and asked the driver to go to a police station, I really have no idea what happened! I alighted with the other passengers and went to look for another Matatu.

Here is a photo of the busy traffic in Nairobi.

It was a tiring night for me but I am optimistic about one thing; I hope that my contribution to the meeting will have the impact of reducing the poisoning of carnivores, and also human beings (like a case we had last month of a son who poisoned his father). I will be able to tell you more about the meeting next week.

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  • sauwah

    please tell us what was it like in Nairobi. did you feel any danger being there and being ordered around by the police. and lots of luck with your meeting. and have a save trip back home.

  • Reply

    Antony, your life is never dull! We all wish this meeting brings solutions to this epidemic of poisoning. Take care.

  • lionguardians

    Nairobi was calm this time round, unlike some months ago when we had power sharing talks following the disputed December 2007 elections. I was abit safe….!

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