Thank you Africa Alive!

Once again the UK tourist attraction and zoo, Africa Alive have done an amazing job, and collected the huge sum of $4731 for the Lion Guardians! What fantastic news! We are thrilled that they have managed to raise this amount for us, which will help the project considerably, especially as we now expand the program to our neighbouring ranches Eselenkei and Olgulului.


As you may remember, Africa Alive have helped us with a donation in the past and we are extremely grateful that they are still supporting us.

We have now successfully expanded the project to Eselenkei Group Ranch, but we can’t wait to be able to start it up in Olgulului too. This area is still struggling with human wildlife conflict, especially during this severe drought, and though the Maasai Preservation Trust have recently started their predator compensation scheme there, we still need to get the Lion Guardians program up and running.


This donation will go a long way towards some of our start up costs for this expansion, including purchasing new equipment for the Guardians like GPS, mobile phones and telemetry receivers, as well as basics like pens, paper and backpacks.

Thank you Africa Alive, and everyone who donated money towards the project at the fundraising events!


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