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Now you have met all of our new Guardians on Eselenkei Group Ranch, we hope you might be able to help support their work. These young men have turned their lives around to help conserve the lions they once hunted, and some of them are even learning to read and write at the same time so that they can achieve this.


They are all so excited that they are able to help their communities, as well as their local wildlife, and cannot believe that the work they are doing is being read about and supported by people all over the world, on this blog!


If you or someone you know, or even your school or place of work could sponsor one of these Maasai warriors, who are protecting their lions and their communities, please add a 1 in the QTY box next Sponsor a Guardian. Your donation of $95 a month (only about $3 a day) will go towards their wages, equipment and everything needed to keep this project running.


Without your support the Lion Guardians will not be able to carry out their work protecting wildlife. We are greatly appreciative of every donation that is given to the project. Please help us to continue with our work in Maasailand, before the lions disappear completely.

A big thank you from all the Lion Guardians!


  • Brenton H says:

    A wonderful photo. These young men are the future of our planet. I think it is fantastic that they honor and treasure their traditions and their culture. So much has been lost and tainted by the onward march of socalled ‘progress’ But people need support and encouragement to maintain their traditions and the natural environment of their lands.

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