The 5th Annual Lion Guardians Games: A Day of Camaraderie, Competition & Celebration

We had another very successful celebration this year as the entire Lion Guardians’ team gathered in Selenkay Conservancy for our Annual Lion Guardians Games on the 18th of July. We will shortly share more details on the day’s events and the competition winners. For now, enjoy these photos from the day!

PBP_5235e copy PBP_5163e copy

IMG_1012 IMG_0968

We would like to a moment to express our gratitude to all those who made the Annual Lion Guardians Games a success. Thank you to:

Ashe Oleng (Thank You in Maa)

PBP_6042 copy

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  • Mr. Maingo Ole Killel says:

    As a witness and participant ot the event, no enough space to express what i saw, what i felt and t what a tested during my 2days stay at Orgulului centre. It was all awesome and pleasant! Our joint efforts to save lion needs to be enhanced by local community, conservation patrners and goventments acroos the region. Your extended work aross borders is highly valued and on our capacity, we will try all we can to save lions not only in our protected areas but also in the adjacent communities as well . Asante sana.

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