The search for the lion cubs continues…

We are still searching hard for Nemasi, the female collared lion, to see whether she has three cubs with her, or whether the young lion that was found dead might be one of her cubs.

We had found her signal in the morning, and seen her and a collared male lion, but did not see any cubs, so we decided to go back at night to try again. Lion Guardian Solonka and our camp manager Justus went to collect some bait to attract the lions out of the thick forest so we could see them. We were able to use a cow that had been attacked by hyenas the previous night.


We drove out to the place where we had picked up the signal of Lentim and Nemasi the previous night and tied the cow to a tree. With a loud speaker we played the sounds of a dying buffalo, and some lion roars to try and attract them out of the forest so we could see if the cubs were there. But from the sounds of their signals we could tell that they were on the move and were going in the opposite direction to us – further inside the lava.


Both Nemasi and Lentim are secretive lions, and it is always very hard to see them. But we are really eager to find out how many cubs are with Nemasi now, so we will keep trying until we get to see them. More on this story tomorrow!


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