Community still worried by elephant

During our end of month meeting, Lion Guardian Olubi reported that the single elephant that has been in his area is still there, two weeks after he reported that it is posing danger to herders and women that go out to collect firewood.img_6600.jpg

I followed your suggestions and have contacted a number of people about the issue, but we are still waiting for somebody to help by removing the animal from the area.

If something is not done soon, the community will surely spear this animal, so as to avert human death.


  • Joanne - UK says:

    Have you spoken to anyone at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to see if they can give any advice?

  • Christine C. says:

    Antony — I am sorry to hear this is still a problem…I hope someone can help out soon!

  • Jan - Boston says:


    I’m sorry the Tsavo KWS weren’t able to check this bull out. I have today written to the head of KWS and also Elephant Trust to see if either of them might check him out and find out if he is physically able to move off on his own, and if so, encourage him to do so.

  • TheTeach, Seattle says:

    It seems the community is being quite patient about this whole matter. We might interpret this as their good faith effort to minimize killings, expecting the wildlife services to do their part in resolving the matter. It’s unfortunate that the public services responsible for handling such situations are not responding to addressing the issue. It would be empowering to avoid the unnecessary killing of this elephant, who merely wishes to forage the scrub for food. In an era when the species long term survival is so precarious, it seems every elephant is worth saving, if at all possible. Persistant harassment from motor vehicles with pepper spray and loud noise-makers is probably all that is needed to get this bull moving on his way. I hope we soon hear of such an outcome, and not another blog entry about yet another spearing death of an elephant who found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time. If no response comes, the community may assume that wildlife authority is not reliable at upholding their end of the responsibility. If that were to occur, the villagers may not be so patient next time an animal wanders into the community. I hope for the best.
    Best Wishes.

  • paula says:

    I spoke to KWS yesterday who said they were not aware of the problem and I gave them your phone no. Anthony, it seems that the warden from Loitokitok (?) will come to the ranch to see how to handle the situation. If they have trouble reaching you please please contact the local KWS office make a formal report as they seem very happy to help. Nobody wants to see another elephant tragedy. Good luck. Paula

  • TheTeach, Seattle says:

    Paula & All,
    That does sound like encouraging news. Perhaps there was merely a communication breakdown somewhere along the line, when the matter was first reported. Best Wishes To Everyone, including our elephant intruder.

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