Lions kills cow

A cow has been reported to have been killed by a lion in Olbili. These reports came from Lion Guardian Koikai when he got back to his area from the our end of month meeting.


One of the community members, Ole Sambu Oltaika reported this to him on hearing that he was back come home. We will update you more on this once we have a full report of the incident. One thing is clear: it is not our female with cubs Nemasi, as we know she is not near that area.



  • Annie says:

    Uh oh……..not good I am sure……..hope everything works out……and no one wants to kill the lion now………

  • sauwah says:

    please let us know what truly has happened to cause the death or the killing of this cow like the cow was not tended by the owner or the cow was lost? or the lion was being invasive. i hope there will be no revenge killing on the lion though. if it does, i hope they will get the right one instead of any one unlucky lioness in sight.

  • Thanks Annie and Sauwah, I will try to find out some more details and let you know how this happened. I also hope the community does not seek revenge on this lion.

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