Frequent sighting of leopards in Selenkay Conservancy

Long ago, there use to be many leopards in the area of Eselenkei Group Ranch but due to various reasons their numbers have declined, and they have become completely scarce. Unlike cheetahs that are found in big numbers, and can be seen during the day, leopards are extremely elusive and are hard to see. Being nocturnal animals, leopards are very skillful in hiding especially in areas with thick bushes and along the river.

Do you see what I see?
Do you see what I see?

However, recently we have managed to see a number of leopards on our way to the main camp. We saw one very clearly when it was scavenging on a giraffe killed by a lion. He was part of a larger party of hyenas and jackals but quickly started playing hide and seek with us. We are able to reveal with certainty that there are now several leopards in Selenkay Conservancy. Even today as I write this blog, two leopards drank water from our tank at main camp. This is a positive revelation for species that have hitherto been considered extinct in this area. These two leopards in particular have actually made the area around our main camp part of their territory.

Selenkay Leopard
Selenkay Leopard

One male leopard recently killed an impala very close to camp and the visitors from Amboseli Porini Camp and the nearby mobile camp were having a field day seeing this reclusive cat. When the conservancy was first established, no one thought elephants and leopards could make it their home but elephants are now in plenty after an absence of around twenty years. Leopards have now been sighted several times and their tracks are all over different corners of the conservancy. For stakeholders within Selenkay Conservancy this is only the tip of the iceberg for better things to come.

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