Nosioki’s male cub still alive

After our female lion Nosioki and her female cub were poisoned in Osewan in Matapato outside our jurisdiction, we thought that was the end for this pride. The white poisonous substance obtained from Tanzania that was used is so lethal; we thought nothing will be spared. The male cub that survived was barely a year and even though cubs are normally weaned by 8 months, they are not independent of adults until 18 months and we therefore gave him zero chance to survive on his own.

Nosioki's male cub
Nosioki's male cub

Having mysteriously survived the lethal poison, the Lion Guardians have been on the lookout for him. His tracks have consistently been seen by our Lion Guardian Sitonik, but because he stayed on his own for so long we were still concerned for his future. Despite the fact that the elders banned poisoning in the area, our investigations revealed that another product called Red cat, which is used to eradicate rodents and is easily available in Kenya, has reportedly been used on cats to cause maximum death. It has also been tested by people in the area on dogs to deadly effect!

Sitonik with Nosioki's poisoned daughter
Sitonik with Nosioki's poisoned daughter

As a result of the on-going short rains, Osewan area has received a substantial amount of rain, causing an influx of both livestock and people. Lion Guardians were instructed to be extra vigil. A few days ago, Sitonik reported seeing clear tracks of Pua, who was the male in Nosioki’s pride, with a cub moving away from the area towards the hills. This is a very important revelation because the male cub will now stand a better chance of survival under the custody of his father than on its own! We will continue to keep you updated on his progress.



  • Pirjo says:

    Thank you for these encouraging news. My heart has been heavy with worry over survival of the Amboseli region lions. Hope this young lion will find his way back to his father.

  • Debra Carson says:

    Thank you for the work you all do in hands on education and encouragement for the local people to understand how to live with lions! What outstanding knowledge all of you (who to live with lions) have taught not only the local people but people throughout the world. What an outstanding task this is! I pray (and encourage) the people across the world will learn how to live with the great cats in their regions.
    I too pray that this male cub will find his way to his father.

  • Dana says:

    Very encouraging news – hope the two reunite also. Red cat? Great :<( – Why are the villagers poisioning dogs?

  • sauwah says:

    this cub still has hope! but why the villagers are using this red cat poison to kill cats ? not rodents?

  • Fiona says:

    Such encouraging news! Good luck to the little fellow and let’s hope his Dad keeps good care of him.

  • Thank you for these news. I hope this young lion will find his way back.

  • Sonja says:

    This is frustrating news. I cannot help but feel these poisonings will continue as long as lions threaten ranchers. Their livestock is their livelihood so I cannot begrudge their actions. What else can we do?

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