History Repeats Itself

Recently, we told the story of Selenkay & Martii. Since then, Martii has been very busy and we are happy to report that he has now mated with Selenkay and her two daughters Meoshi and Noldupai, all of whom are heavily pregnant.

Nenkii (right) with her sister Meoshi

However, there is one daughter that he hasn’t yet been able to mate with, Nenkii, sister of Meoshi. She disappeared from the area where water & prey are readily available around the time of Martii’s entrance. We were surprised to not have seen her for the past few weeks and were beginning to get worried about her and her three young daughters; Namanu, Nalotuesha, & Ronjil, who are just over a year old. Thankfully a few days ago whilst following up on an interesting Guardian report, we were very happy to find all four of them. They were not far from the Lion Guardians Training Center, looking very skittish and worried.


We realized Nenkii must have moved far south to keep her little daughters safe. She is zealously ensuring that there is little chance that Martii encounters her little daughters, as he may try to attack them so he can have Nenkii all to himself.

Nenkii's daughter Nalotuesha spotted recently
Nenkii’s daughter Nalotuesha spotted recently

This is the second time Nenkii has taken her cubs and moved far away when new males have come in and mated with her mum and sisters. This may be because Nenkii, herself was pushed away from her mother Selenkay’s protective care when she was just a year old by a new incoming male. Her and her sister Meoshi survived on their own for a year until they were old enough to mate, at which time the new male welcomed them back in to the group. Nenkii obviously hasn’t forgotten this and doesn’t want any of her young ones to suffer the same fate…


  • Jerry says:

    Haven’t checked in a while but always good to hear about Selenkay and her pride are doing well and multiplying. She was one of the first lioness I associated LG with and her name just kind of stuck ever since. And Nenkii is a very protective mother!

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