Meet traditional warrior Kutata!

Kutata is the most educated of the new Lion Guardians, but is a very traditional Maasai warrior (moran), who is strong and confident. His humble background, likeable character, impressive personality, wealth of experience and respect for his seniors were all strong attributes that impressed the panelists during the selection period.


We expect Kutata to take a leading role amongst the new Lion Guardians owing to his educational status. Kutata is already proving his abilities by conducting focus groups to find out which bomas are the worst for predator invasion and compiling a list of those that need the most urgent re-builds to make them predator-proof.  He is also marking the location of all local bomas with GPS.

We are very pleased that Kutata is bringing his skills and experience to the Lion Guardians team, and we hope you will enjoy reading the stories of his work protecting lions and stopping conflict between his community and the wildlife they live with.


  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    Welcome Kutata!! It sounds like you are just what the Lion Guardians need! I can’t wait to hear of the work you will be doing.
    Also, I LOVE your beautiful beaded jewelry. I am American Indian and we do beadwork, too, but yours is really fabulous!

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