New role in the community

I am now back in camp, after my time off from work with the Lion Guardians. Even on my days off I have been busy working with the community, as part of a youth association.

I never thought that my work in the community as part of the Lion Guardians program could really impress the youth to the extent that they would make me the treasurer of this youth association. But this is exactly what happened at the meeting. It caught me unawares; and as I got inside this room full of young people – both educated and un-educated, men and women, little did I know that they were all waiting for me declare which position I would prefer in this association.

After a long struggle deciding whether or not to accept this new responsibility, I eventually decided I had to go for it, since if I did not I would have let the community down, as a member of this youth group and as a murran. So, this is another responsibility that I will take on in the community. I will update you more on the group and the reasons behind its formation – it is really interesting.

Here are some of the photos I took of the meeting:



And here I am talking to the group at the meeting:



  • Paula says:

    I’d make you my treasurer too Anthony. You see, you have an important role in society now and in the future. You are a leader and I’m proud that you are part of WildlifeDirect

  • Lisa, Seattle says:

    Congratulations Antony. You must be proud that the people in your community see you as a leader and look up to you. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this group.

  • We are all so proud of you Antony, no surprise, they chose you!! Hoping Kapande, is growing stronger, everyday. Please, when you see him, tell him, from all of us, he is in our thoughts and prayers. We want to see that beautiful smile of his, again.

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