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The Lion Identification Network of Collaborators (LINC) will be a cutting-edge open platform for lion data aggregation and identification. LINC has the potential to revolutionize the way the scientific community reports, accesses data and implements broad-scale conservation. Its use will generate a rich source of information from basic data to broad scale lion population patterns and migratory corridors that can then be shared widely to aid conservation efforts across all of African lion rangelands.

The tool will use an open database paired with the latest computer vision techniques, accessed via an online web portal. These tools will enable lion researchers to accurately monitor lion populations and the connectivity between them.

LINC’s development, although spearheaded by Lion Guardians US, is a collaborative effort with lion researchers across East Africa and software developers around the world. The software development will be led by IEF R&D in the USA.

Every year, lions (primarily males) disappear from our project areas. It’s the same for our collaborators across East Africa. If we can make the LINC and understand where they go and what happens to them, we can then be more effective in our conservation efforts. LINC can make this happen.

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