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It’s Out: The Lion Guardians Newsletter – Issue No. 4

The fourth issue of the Lion Guardians Newsletter is out. Click here to read all about new faces, a new logo, a quirky young Lion Guardian named Olamayiani and much much more! Happy reading! Please share with your friends and family.    

Why We Want to “Make the LINC”

The mystery of the two lions who appeared in our coverage areas in 2013 continues to intrigue Guardian Kamunu. “Do you know where Loosinkiron and Lorngojiyne came from? Have you figured it out yet?” he asks when we accompany him on reports.   We are baffled too. For almost two years now, we have wondered…

Sikiria- The Making of a Legend

For lions, each observation we get of them is a piece of a puzzle – we need to come together and share these pieces to see the whole picture and to effectively conserve the remaining lion populations. Help us save more lions; help us “Make the LINC.” If you ask any community member from the…

Support Us Today with our Matching Funds Campaign and Double Your Impact!

The Lion Identification Network of Collaborators (LINC) will be a cutting-edge open platform for lion data aggregation and identification. LINC has the potential to revolutionize the way the scientific community reports, accesses data and implements broad-scale conservation. Its use will generate a rich source of information from basic data to broad scale lion population patterns and migratory corridors that can then…

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