The Lion Guardians 2013 Annual Report is here

We are pleased to share with you the Lion Guardians 2013 Annual Report that summarizes the collective efforts and accomplishments of the Lion Guardians program. This year’s report has been redesigned based on our new strategic plan and is filled with stunning images that visually bring to life the work that we do on the ground in Kenya and Tanzania.

Here are just a few of the highlights from 2013:

  • Not a single lion was killed by the local communities from the areas where Lion Guardians operate.
  • The Lion Guardians program now has 52 Lion Guardians employed in East Africa – a 25% increase since 2012 – who are protecting more than 4,400 km² of vital lion habitat.
  • The lion population in our core area continues to grow with the Lion Guardians currently monitoring and protecting more than 125 individual lions.
  • We developed a five-year strategic plan and implementation strategy that will allow us to protect more expansive landscapes.
  • We expanded to a new site in northern Tanzania, adjacent to Tarangire National Park, in partnership with the Tarangire Lion Project.
  • The Lion Guardians Training Center was completed in June and has already provided vital training to over 100 people in East Africa.
  • We developed a 20-minute educational film to help raise awareness about lion conservation. The film has already been shown to thousands of people worldwide.


Protecting lions is a community effort

– be a part of the Lion Guardians community. 


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