Unscuccesful Lion Hunt

A group of warriors get ready for a hunt

Lions in the Osewan area have been killing livestock consecutively for some time now. A few days ago, the new Moran age-set could stand it no more. They spread the word and summoned their age-mates, and went out on a hunt for the lions concerned. Lion Guardians heard about this in time for us to contact relevant stakeholders to aide us with stopping the hunt. We also instructed the Lion Guardians to do all they could to deter the warriors from killing any lions. After many heated arguments and much pleading, our Lion Guardians managed to stop the young Morans with the promise of an urgent meeting to chart the way forward. We consulted in an immediate meeting with the Group Ranch leaders where we listened to their demands. We eventually managed to cool them down and for the past few days now we have not seen any hunts.


  • Charmaine Joubert says:

    I think they need to be educated more to help them not to hunt the lions down

  • Dana Begley says:

    Great News! The Lion Guardians obviously have great influence in their areas and people listen to them. That is the kind of innovative technique that is needed to save lions.

  • rokoya says:

    Seems to me the best appraoch to livestock attack by lions, is for the owner of the killed livestock to be compensated instead of trying to protect the lions whilst these farmers are loosing their source of livelihood

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