About Us

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Our mission is to promote sustainable coexistence between people and lion using cultural values, community participation and science. The Lion Guardians program was developed in 2006 by the Living with Lions project and the local communities, and was initiated in collaboration with Maasailand Preservation Trust in January 2007 on Mbirikani Group Ranch in the Amboseli Ecosystem The Lion […]

Our Approach

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Lion Guardians’s collaborative approach to conservation is what makes its work sustainable, original, and successful. The Lion Guardian approach uniquely blends modern wildlife conservation with local culture. The project utilizes Maasai traditional ecological knowledge while introducing modern scientific technologies to improve both the community and wildlife conservation. Lion Guardians believes that the communities who bear […]


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Lion Guardians relies on public support to keep its operations running.  It takes a community to conserve lions and preserve cultures. Join ours today and help us realize our vision of sustainable coexistence between people and lions in Africa. You can support Lion Guardians through our U.S. fiscal sponsor, Lion Guardians U.S.* Lion Guardians U.S. […]