Lion Guardians Training Program: Transforming Futures

The training of new Guardians is always an exciting time. In today’s blog, our Community Liaison Manager, Eric Ole Kesoi recounts the recent Training for Guardians at our Center and how it changed the lives of five young men….

Luke, Lion Guardians Project Manager, teaches the Guardians how to use data forms.

The Lion Guardians family is growing, both in strength and in number. In the New Year, we added five new Guardians to our team in the Amboseli ecosystem, our core area of operation. These five Guardians were carefully selected based on their performance during a volunteering period and consultations with community leaders. Once picked, they came to the Lion Guardians Training Center for an intensive five-day training course.

During the training, the new Guardians received training on literacy, tracking and monitoring of lions as well as other wildlife, various methods to use to stop lion hunts, the history of and the pillars behind the Lion Guardians model, and how to work with and assist their communities at all times. The Guardians were especially thrilled to have a session with lioness Selenkay and her family of ten lions at a close range from the safety of a vehicle.

90eb6c9dd3b7c822440e6f4c2aa24ea3During conclusions, one of the trainees Mitiaki Ole Solonka expressed his appreciation for the opportunity that the training has given him and added “I can’t believe what a difference five days of training can bring. I have never been to school and thus never held a pen before. But I am now proud that I can write my name, fill data forms and even use a GPS! The Lion Guardians program has hired us, it is now up to us to work hard and live up to the trust placed in us. The ball is now in our court.”

The new Guardians were treated to a goat feasting party at camp before departure and the entire team wished them the best as they went to their respective zones to start their careers as Guardians.

Learn more about our training program here

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