Lucky Lost Cow

It is now that time of year when female cows give birth. The calving can take place at any time, anywhere. Yesterday, an old livestock owner reported to our Lion Guardians that one of his favorite cows, which was heavily pregnant, had gotten lost in the bush and did not make it home. Our Lion Guardians set out immediately weaving through dense vegetation and shrubs as they follow the cattle tracks for hours on end.

As the bush gets denser, they find hyena tracks alongside those of the cow, instilling a sense of fear among the searching party. Everybody worried for the safety of the cow and her calf. The previous night, lion roars were heard not  far from the area the cow seemed to be heading. In this area renown to be carnivore habitat, whatever gets lost in the bush rarely survives to see the light of day. The Lion Guardians searched every square inch, and just when fear that the cow was lost for good settled in their hearts, they saw the cow and her new born calf. Everybody gave a big sigh of relief and the delighted owner thanked the Lion Guardians for their good work and their unparalleled bush skills.

Mokoi carrying the calf back to the owner


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