Meet new Lion Guardian Lopono

Meet Lopono, the lastest Maasai warrior to change his ways from lion killing to lion conservation! Lopono is joining the Lion Guardians team on Eselenkei Group Ranch and will work to monitor the lions here and reduce conflict between his local community and predators.


Lopono is a very friendly and likeable character, who makes everyone feel comfortable in his presence, whether he knows you or not. He comes from a poor background, and is extremely hard working and enthusiastic. The eagerness with which he undertakes his duties strongly impressed our team during the volunteering period.

We hope we will be able to use his diplomatic skills to calm angry community members who may have lost livestock to predators and are bent on revenge attacks. His knowledge of the lion migratory corridor through the group ranch will also come in handy during the course of his work monitoring the location of lions.


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