Nosipana – Surviving Against All Odds!

Nosipana--&-LendorkoShe was just over a year and a half old when she left the protection of her mother’s care; she is a little lion fending for herself in the big world. While this is not uncommon for most lions born on community lands, the task of striking out on one’s own is doubly difficult for Nosipana, who has one cloudy eye and was born in a national park where water and prey are readily available for a large pride like the one she was born into.

Hunting on her own is no easy task for small and challenged Nosipana but somehow for the past year she has managed to survive against the odds. Her gaunt frame emphasizes just how challenging it has been. Recently, she joined company with her brother Lendorko. Unfortunately, they have turned to taking livestock for sustenance but thanks to Parkesian, the Guardian whose zone she primarily resides in, and his good community relations and vigilance, they are alive to hunt again. As the months turn to years and the fighting spirit within Nosipana keeps her alive, we are all increasingly curious to see what will happen to this little lioness. Will she stay and continue to adapt to the challenge of having only one properly functioning eye? While Nosipana’s presence in our areas of operation does mean conflict situations are heightened, we find ourselves rooting for her; hoping that her guile allows her to overcome her shortcomings and that she is able to learn to competently take wild prey, live a full life and someday have cubs of her own!

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