Lion hunt attempt by Maasai warriors

We had some worrying news last night. Four lions on the neighbouring ranch to ours – Kuku, where we have some study animals with collars had killed four cows. The local community was furious, and had gathered a large group of warriors together to go out and hunt for these lions. They had all got spears ready and were very angry. We even heard reports that spears were thrown, but we are pleased to say that the lions escaped unharmed, thanks to the intervention of staff from Campi Ya Kanzi, the lodge located nearby.


This news was reported to us by Lion Guardian Melubo who works near the border between our ranch Mbirikani and Kuku. We were very worried by this news, particularly as it could have been our GPS-collared lions Ndelie and Mbalueni, who you can track online via our lion tracking website.


Thank goodness the warriors were calmed down, and did not kill four lions. This would have been a great blow to our lion population.


  • Pirjo,Finland says:

    That was a close call.. It actually worries me to view these blogs after being away for few days, because you never know what kind of news are waiting you. I’m extremely grateful for all the work you do, because it must be very stressful at times and you just can’t give up.These lions definitely need your protection in order to stay alive.

  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    Okay Antony, where were the cows? Inside/outside their boma’s? There seems to be a recurring message about cows/sheep being killed on the other African blogs with boma’s not very well built. Are these boma’s strong in your area? These cats were surely lucky THIS time!!!

  • sauwah says:

    i totally concur with the previous bloggers. the four lions were lucky indeed. and your good work is needed much by lions and other predators. did the cows wonder out of their boma without their owners’ protection? good thing that the angry warriors calmed down. it is never a good thing to do any thing in haste or anger.

  • Hello. Thanks for your comments and your concern for the lions. The cows were being herded in the morning when the attack happened, which is very uncommon!

    Part of the Lion Guardians’ job is to visit communities and make sure their bomas are strong and help them rebuild them if they see any holes or weak points. We hope this stops some attacks by carnivores.

  • Hashi Hanta says:

    I am so thankful that the murder of the lions was prevented. However, I do feel sorry for the cows. They must have gone through much pain and terror. Will the cow’s owners be compensated in any way for the loss of their cows? If not, should we send money to be given to them?

    Please give extra thanks to the Guardians who intervened. You are all true warriors and heros!

  • Harmony says:

    Have you ever considered the Maasai as being the ones who need to be protected. We seem to get caught up in protecting the animals, and we forget the most important factor; the lifestyle of the Maasai. These people have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years. The LIons are not in danger of being killed off by the Massai. If any of you really cared about the lIons you would stop driving your gas drinking cars and adapt a lifestyle like the maasai and live harmony with nature. You care about the Lions but what about the millions of species that you wipe out every day with your lifestyle. It is easy to pick a needle out of the eye of another. I am just as guilty but i care about the people just as much as i do about the animals

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