Lion tracking in Maasai culture

Tracking is an art and an age-old tradition which can be very addictive. Lion tracking is usually inspired by boundless curiosity and ultimately the burning desire to find a lion.

Lucky sisters found alive

Lucky sisters found alive after being lost for two days!


Lighting it up!

Lion Guardians and Kenya Wildlife Trust teamed up to bring Lion Lights to nine bomas.

Gwagi on the left and Noah on the right demonstrating their different styles to the great delight of the bystanders.

Culture without borders

The Maasai and Barabaig Lion Guardians took advantage of the recent Lion Guardians Games to share their cultures with each other.


Peace has returned to Amboseli

With negotiations underway between the Maasai and KWS, Amboseli has reverted back to its normal calm. Peace and order has returned to the Amboseli ecosystem after a series of meetings held between the communities surrounding Amboseli National Park and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).  The meetings were attended by thousands of community members as well as by top government […]


Taking stock of the killing spree

The killing spree in Amboseli necessitated by political tensions between Kenya Wildlife Service and political leaders had a devastating effect to both wildlife and the community.  Community leaders met and took stock of the killings within all of the Group Ranches. The results were shocking, but would have been worse were it not for the […]


Conflict and politics in Amboseli

Human-wildlife conflict in any pastoralist environment is inevitable and has existed since time immemorial therefore Amboseli ecosystem is no exception. The negotiations leading to the creation of the Amboseli National Park in the early 1970’s were not smooth and due to the political tensions and resulting hunting, the rhino population was decimated. In the early 1990’s, populations […]

A group of warriors get ready for a hunt

Unscuccesful Lion Hunt

Lions in the Osewan area have been killing livestock for some time now. A few days ago, the new Moran age-set could stand it no more.

Giraffe: a cross between a camel and a leopard?

Kenya is thought to be the epicenter of giraffe evolution since it is the only country in the world which is home to three subspecies; Rothschild, Reticulated and Maasai giraffe. It is understood that giraffe once roamed freely across the greater Rift Valley but decades of persecution, increased human settlement and accelerated habitat loss have […]

Large concentration of lions in fatal habitat

Osewan is a re-known thicket that extends well beyond the jurisdiction of Lion Guardians. The Maasai section that inhabit most of this area are called Matapato and are yet to benefit from the fruits of conservation, thus highly intolerant to predators that kill their livestock. This is the same area in which one of our […]