Lion tracking in Maasai culture

Tracking is an art and an age-old tradition which can be very addictive.…

Lucky sisters found alive

Last Saturday began just like any other day but little did we know what adventures lay in store.… PJB_5735e1_Philip-J-Briggs_Lion-Lights

Lighting it up!

Earlier this year, to combat an increase in livestock depredation by lions, Lion Guardians and the Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) teamed up to bring Lion Lights to nine separate bomas in the Amboseli ecosystem.… Gwagi on the left and Noah on the right demonstrating their different styles to the great delight of the bystanders.

Culture without borders

Pastoralism as a lifestyle is shared and practiced by several communities around the world.… Kili

Peace has returned to Amboseli

With negotiations underway between the Maasai and KWS, Amboseli has reverted back to its normal calm.… 7787973372_d4e7b16674_z

Taking stock of the killing spree

The killing spree in Amboseli necessitated by political tensions between Kenya Wildlife Service and political leaders had a devastating effect to both wildlife and the community. … Philip-J-Briggs_Elephants-running-in-distress

Conflict and politics in Amboseli

Human-wildlife conflict in any pastoralist environment is inevitable and has existed since time immemorial therefore Amboseli ecosystem is no exception.… A group of warriors get ready for a hunt

Unscuccesful Lion Hunt

A group of warriors get ready for a hunt Lions in the Osewan area have been killing livestock consecutively for some time now.…

Giraffe: a cross between a camel and a leopard?

Kenya is thought to be the epicenter of giraffe evolution since it is the only country in the world which is home to three subspecies; Rothschild, Reticulated and Maasai giraffe.…

Large concentration of lions in fatal habitat

Osewan is a re-known thicket that extends well beyond the jurisdiction of Lion Guardians.…